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So How do we Live Stream a Conference on the Web?

Answer – the Elsat.tv Way

There are two ways of doing this

  • First – With technical assistance from Elsat, setup a live streaming base yourself and start the entire process of webcast.
  • Second – Contact us and we will setup end to end live streaming for your requirement.
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Hand-stitched features for unique needs of Webcasting a Conference

Our conference streaming solution is built by you. At Elsat.tv we hear out the student organizers, conference secretaries and chairs and develop their featured requests and release it for all our customers.

Generic and Paid Access to the live Stream

Generic Access: Mostly opted for Conferences that are open to all. A secured link will be shared to the participants and the ones only with the link will be able to access the stream.

Paid Access: These conferences are available session wise and are accessible to live users only when paid for the session of their choice.

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Platform independent software

Desktop / IOS / Android / Mobile Support

Travel and do not gravel. Catch the live on your Mobiles! You no more need to be at your workstation nor at your laptop or don’t even necessarily have to carry only that iphone to catch up on the live streaming.

Our Live Streaming software spans multiple platforms i.e. IOS, Android or any other mobile devices, desktops etc.

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Conference Invitation Video for the Webcast

Explain the purpose of the event and invite through a short video that would include the event name, logo followed by the targeted audience, purpose and you can end it with the details on when and where.

That which is visually perceived yields much better results than that is on a column on a website or a pamphlet. Think about it.

Make a Conference Invite

Conference Packages and Pricing

General Package

  • End-End Live Streaming Setup
  • Camera, Tripod, Cabling Included
  • 1 Year Storage
  • HD Archives
  • IOS/Android/Mobile Support
  • Conference Invitation Video for Delegates
  • Conference Highlights Video
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Ecommerce Package

  • All General Package Features plus
  • Paid Access /E Commerce Integration to the Live Stream
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Premiere Package

  • All General Package Features plus
  • Professional Video Coverage in HD
  • Interviews with Delegates
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