Announce Your Wedding in Style

Every Couple have their own fairy tale love story. Every Love Story has it s own timeline of events. Being creative is the need of the hour for every wedding announcement. Social Media and Online Video Creation Sites have got to get their massive hits at the onset of a Wedding Season.

Now this Monsoon, let see some of the very unique wedding video invitations.

1. Simple Story Telling Style

This is a very popular love story, told in a nutshell. With match making happening mostly through Skype these days, not many couples meet until the final week of wedding. Hence having photos together is a big question mark. So this Creative Wedding Invite is for all those couples out there battling different time zones.

2. Chalk Board Style Wedding Invitation Video

Like someone once said, ‘In Science and In Love, Opposites always attract’. This is one such video where it describes the personalities of the Couple and then the final Wedding Invitation, very unique and creative.

3. Formal Wedding Invitation Video – invitation by Parents

Planning for a formal wedding invitation by Parents, very similar to the layout of your wedding card, here is one traditional option. You can have all the wedding events included in the video.

4. Save the Date – Animated Wedding Invitation Video Card

Animated Wedding Invitations are on the go. A simple video message to block “THE DATE” of  your Big Day.

5. Elegant Wedding Invitation Slide Show

Tell your story along with your partner. The Perfect video if you have memories down the lane.

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