The below videos were the most unique, stylish, trendy and modern ways to use video to invite guests to couple.

Sources: Vimeo and Youtube

1. Cartoon Video Invitation

This is a cartoon wedding invitation video; the characters are exhibited as cartoons, take wing in a hot air balloon to invite the guests. An animated helicopter carries save the date invitation. Finally, the animated couple formally invites the guests to their wedding. This cartoon video invitation excites the viewers.

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2. Whatsapp Wedding video Invitation

It is a simple yet elegant wedding invitation with rose petals falling down animations and various wedding background themes. This is a very good choice and latest trend.

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3. Stop Motion Wedding Invitation

This is a stop motion wedding invitation.  It is a technique that manipulates any objects that appears to move on its own. It illustrates that the bride and the groom are going to tie the knot. The date of the wedding is displayed with the stop motion effect which is a cool idea.

4. Animated Wedding Invitation

This is completely an animated wedding invitation. Animation is the process of making illusion of motion and changes by rapid display of changing images sequentially. The script is very good with animations. The story of the couple is narrated with perfect animations that looks funny and impressive.

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5. White board wedding invitation

This is white board animation wedding invitation. The characters were sketched by the artists with a creative story that automatically records the process. Here, the characters were created and brought together to celebrate their love and save the date is displayed at the end. Simple animations were used. This is most popular invitation type in recent days.

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6. Traditional Wedding Invitation

This is a traditional wedding invitation with flare and shadow effects. The fade in, fade out text displays details of the marriage. The linear wave animation effects on the animated rose flowers are an eye catching effect in this invitation video. It is an elegant video invitation with animations and prominent effects that impact viewers to watch more than once.

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7. Simple animation Invitation

It is a funny save the video invitation with simple character animations. The animation process brings life to the characters. This video comprises of background effects with movements. Finally, save the date invitation appears. The idea is very good and simple.
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8. Live Wedding Invitation

This is a live wedding animation video with simple animations presenting the boy and the girl. The script explains how they come together to get marry. The dairy display the images of the boy and girl, stop motion animation were used here. There are simple effects that run with the script. It is an imaginative idea with good script.
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9. 2D Animation invitation video

This is an excellent 2D wedding Invitation video with flare effects in the background. The characters were animated in 2D. The 2D figures are created on a computer using 2D bitmap images or raster graphics. The elegant 2D flower designs display the wedding date and venue in the video.

10. Stop Motion with Dexterity designs

This is a concept oriented stop motion video. The images were taken prior to make them move on their own. There are several backgrounds used for image. The concept behind the idea is well narrated with simple music animations and effects. Finally the lens flare effects and blue sky animation effects are added advantage to watch the video.

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